Advantages of Condo Living

Are there condos for sale Okotoks? Yes several offers are available and there are several benefits of living in a condo. But what is a condo, one may ask? A condo is like a fusion between an apartment and a house. However, some condo living elements are similar to apartment living. Many condos are adjacent to others, so often owners share a wall and live in close proximity. Condo ownership is often thought as the first step to home ownership. They prepare one financially for the later demands of owning a home. It prepares you for the next step of owning and maintaining a family home.  So what are the advantages of living in a Condo? Here are a few reasons why you may be drawn to living in one.

No maintenance required

There is a big appeal that comes with owning a condo. If you are a first time homeowner, suffering with poor health, busy at the office, or love traveling a lot you do not have to deal with all that work. This is because; other people will do the maintenance for you. You do not have to worry about landscaping, yard maintenance, road maintenance and roof repair. These services are offered by a condominium association at a relatively affordable fee.

It is cheap as compared to buying a home

Although the cost of condo versus that of a house is relative to the size of the house, the property value and the cost of living in the neighborhood, you will still spend on a condo. In high-end markets condos are mostly the only alternative to high-priced homes.

Sense of community

Condo owners live in close proximity than other suburban homeowners who usually have relatively big yards that separates them from their neighbors. This brings in social moments and a sense of togetherness.


Most condos are gated or locked entries, have doormen or security professionals for residents. If you live alone, and security is a concern to you then living in a condo is a major benefit for you. Another plus, is the close proximity to people and in case of an emergency, there will be people to assist you.


Most condo community residents offer resident amenities such a swimming pool, fitness centre, clubhouse among others. While it might be expensive buying a home with all these amenities, it will be cheaper living in a condo that offers these.

While some people may view condo investment as something reserved for the young people and seniors, owning a condo for life is no longer uncommon anymore. Condo is a worth investment, and if you are thinking about owning one then check out our Okotoks Real Estate for sale. Contact Yvette, our real estate agent today and come view some of the great offers we have.