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A Busy Mom’s Car Survival Kit

I recently wrote an article about building a survival retreat. In my article, I spoke to you about why it is important to have a survival retreat, and how to pick a location. In that article I did not discuss stocking your lifetime warranty retreat. Yes, it is important to have a spot to go to incase of an emergency, however that is only half of the battle. In order to survive long term in the wilderness you need supplies, and I am not referring to the supplies that are in your survival pack that you should have. If you have a 72-hour pack, it will only be good for 3 days. In this article, I will give you some tips on stocking your survival retreat.

A 72 hour kit or Emergency survival kits amazon. I’d recommend a backpack for each individual in the family — that can easily be grabbed — that contains food and water, along with blankets and an extra set of clothing.


At night I can find the north star by following the line from the two outside stars of the cup on the big dipper that point to a brighter than average star out in the sky in front of them. Or, if I can see a crescent moon high in the sky I could draw an imaginary line along the tips of the crescent to point towards the south where it intersects the earth. So I’m good to go.

This gift is a project for Dad and his kid to do together. The Christmas gift for Dad is the materials for the bird feeders. You need: a few pine cones, the larger, the better. Yarn, a scissors, two butter knives, a jar of peanut butter, and bird seed are also needed. Decorate a box big enough to hold everything, with a lid. Put everything in the box, cover, and add a ribbon.

Save the skins from oranges, lemons , grapefruit and limes. Spread them in the sun to dry, then store in an cane basket by the fireplace. These are great added to your fire starter chips, reducing the need to burn your money. The oil in the skins burn readily with a gentle glow.

If only two or three items could be stored, what would they be? Food, water, and major medications would have to top any list. The standard is enough to last for 3 days.

Fill the charcoal section of the chimney almost to the top with your charcoal. Most starters will take about 6 to 8 lbs. of charcoal, but this will vary depending upon the tyoe and make of starter you’re using.

One thing that a camper who would like to be considered a candidate for survival should know is that the wood of the Cedar tree, including Red Woods, etc., is a favorite amongst campers and outdoorsmen for use in starting fire because it’s wood will burn regardless of whether it is wet, or dry. In other words it is easy to set ablaze even if it has only just been taken from a living tree.

How do Home Inspectors Look for Mold?

One important aspect of home inspections is getting a mold inspection. It is important to have mold inspections carried out in the home to recognize any potential mold problems. Kelowna Home Inspections for Mold carry out full mold inspections to find any hiding mold in the home.

Lloyd Kenzle - Kelowna Home Inspector with C4U InspectionsMold inspections are necessary since no-one wants to buy a home that has a mold infestation. Mold is a fungus that comes in different colors and shapes. They grow between walls, under floors, and on ceilings. Mold grows best under humid conditions where there is access to a lot of moisture. It has an unpleasant appearance and odor. Some types of mold can cause severe body reactions and lead to respiratory problems.

Mold can be found in different places in a home. For instance:

  • Around pipes that leak, windows, or roofs
  • Basements or rooms that flooded and did not have enough time to dry
  • Tightly sealed buildings that trap excess moisture inside
  • Homes that do not have proper ventilation.
  • Many over-watered plants
  • Rooms that do not get aired properly

If you are interested in buying a home, you should pay attention and look for signs of mold infestation. Look for watermarks on the walls, basements or musty smells particularly in areas with plumbing. If you are buying a home, you can also ask sellers to disclose any mold or water related problems. As a seller, it is also your duty to disclose any information concerning the property. Such information includes if there is mold in the home and if there are incidents that occurred that could lead to the growth of mold in the home.

However, since you might miss some signs, it is advisable to get a home inspector to conduct a mold inspection. Having a home inspector look for mold will be helpful since the inspector will cover areas you would not reach. The inspector will look around and see signs of mold infestation. Their years of experience put them at an advantage as they will notice the slightest sign of mold in the home. They will also give a detailed report stating their findings and whether there are potential mold dangers. Having a mold inspection will enable sellers to avoid liability over mold related problems.

Home inspectors will test any mold they find and let you know if it is poisonous. Next, the inspectors will advise on the best way to get rid of the mold without making it spread to the rest of the home. It is important to contact a professional to avoid spreading the spores to other surfaces. If it spreads to the other surfaces, mold can cause structural damage. Also, you will be told the changes to make to ensure the mold does not return.

Those who are interested in getting new homes or selling their homes,it is essential to conduct a mold inspection. Look for Kelowna Home Inspectors for Mold to check your home and make sure it is safe for people to inhabit. It is better stopping a problem even before it develops.

Top 5 priciest homes in Toronto’s luxury market

The city of Toronto is considered by most as “one of the most livable cities in the world.” Here you can enjoy 46 kilometers of frontage on Lake Ontario and the Humber River, Rouge River and Don River. Toronto offers its inhabiters the opportunity of enjoying the urban life and the beauty of nature. But what price does luxury have? Here you will find the priciest Toronto luxury homes that were for sale in 2015.

#5. 28 Old Forest Hill Road

With an asking price of $18.000.000, the Old Forest Hill estate is worth your attention. The magnificent and solid architecture is in harmony with nature, creating the livable space needed for a modern living. The mansion is built of stone, and it is full of surprises. There is an artist’s studio, lap pool, wine cellar and a gym. This property also offers separate staff quarters, meaning that you can enjoy your privacy freely.

#4. #Ph901 – 118 Yorkville Ave

This $18.900.000 luxury house offers a breathtaking view. Occupying the whole 9th floor, this penthouse residence allows a 360-degree panoramic view of Toronto. With 12 foot ceilings and oversized windows that let the light pour in abundantly, the 5,800 sq.ft. it is one of the best-designed luxury homes in Toronto.

#3. 35 High Point Road

This property’s price was $19.800.000, and it is a magnificent mansion on a private lot in the most coveted living area in Toronto – High Point. Approximately 19.086 square feet of splendor await the new owner. With inlaid floors, ornate cove moldings, domed octagonal ceiling, inside pool and many more, this gracious and charming home can meet the needs of kings and queens with luxury and comfort.

#2. 68 Bridle Path

The asking price of this property is $25.000.000 and comes with more than 4 acres on the exclusive Bridle Path real estate community in Toronto. The house is built in a Gordon Ridgely Architecture, with a Gluckstein Desing. This Chateau is a must see by those who crave luxury and high-class.

#1. 10 High Point Road

With an asking price of $28.800.000 the mansion on High Point Road is still waiting for its owners. It even has a ballroom and lounge that can handle more than 100 guests. The whole house is exquisite, with walls treated with gold leaf and fabric, and white oak herringbone floors. You just have to see it to get an idea of the level of luxury it offers.