How do Home Inspectors Look for Mold?

One important aspect of home inspections is getting a mold inspection. It is important to have mold inspections carried out in the home to recognize any potential mold problems. Kelowna Home Inspections for Mold carry out full mold inspections to find any hiding mold in the home.

Lloyd Kenzle - Kelowna Home Inspector with C4U InspectionsMold inspections are necessary since no-one wants to buy a home that has a mold infestation. Mold is a fungus that comes in different colors and shapes. They grow between walls, under floors, and on ceilings. Mold grows best under humid conditions where there is access to a lot of moisture. It has an unpleasant appearance and odor. Some types of mold can cause severe body reactions and lead to respiratory problems.

Mold can be found in different places in a home. For instance:

  • Around pipes that leak, windows, or roofs
  • Basements or rooms that flooded and did not have enough time to dry
  • Tightly sealed buildings that trap excess moisture inside
  • Homes that do not have proper ventilation.
  • Many over-watered plants
  • Rooms that do not get aired properly

If you are interested in buying a home, you should pay attention and look for signs of mold infestation. Look for watermarks on the walls, basements or musty smells particularly in areas with plumbing. If you are buying a home, you can also ask sellers to disclose any mold or water related problems. As a seller, it is also your duty to disclose any information concerning the property. Such information includes if there is mold in the home and if there are incidents that occurred that could lead to the growth of mold in the home.

However, since you might miss some signs, it is advisable to get a home inspector to conduct a mold inspection. Having a home inspector look for mold will be helpful since the inspector will cover areas you would not reach. The inspector will look around and see signs of mold infestation. Their years of experience put them at an advantage as they will notice the slightest sign of mold in the home. They will also give a detailed report stating their findings and whether there are potential mold dangers. Having a mold inspection will enable sellers to avoid liability over mold related problems.

Home inspectors will test any mold they find and let you know if it is poisonous. Next, the inspectors will advise on the best way to get rid of the mold without making it spread to the rest of the home. It is important to contact a professional to avoid spreading the spores to other surfaces. If it spreads to the other surfaces, mold can cause structural damage. Also, you will be told the changes to make to ensure the mold does not return.

Those who are interested in getting new homes or selling their homes,it is essential to conduct a mold inspection. Look for Kelowna Home Inspectors for Mold to check your home and make sure it is safe for people to inhabit. It is better stopping a problem even before it develops.